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What is this with Wisdom?  Ah, here is some more.  Don't like them?  Hit Refresh for a different selection!

Wisdom #260: Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.

Wisdom #337: The ten thousand things How long do any persist? Netscape, too, has gone.

Wisdom #1276: Megaton Man on patrol!

Wisdom #1519: The universe is like a grapefruit -- it's yellow and dimply, and some people have half of one for breakfast.

Wisdom #308: DEAR ABBY: My mother is mean and short-tempered. I think she is going through her mental pause.

Wisdom #1325: No man is an island, but then no man is a potato salad, either.

Wisdom #1026: Hardware hackers have sensitive probes.

Wisdom #1581: Try the Moo Shu Pork. It is especially good today.

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