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Wow Tommy … How bad can you get? Indeed! And where did you run across the cross between white and bad rabbits? JB

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Bad indeed…

I search the web now and then for any references to Bad Rabbit. It's surprising what emerges- Bad Rabbit Records, Bad Rabbit Design Studio- to name a few.. A rather unusual one is

It must be something in the name…

This searching has resulted in a couple of interesting projects. George Rosenberg from Tucson has (or had) a band called 'Fierce Bad Rabbit' and we collaborated on a track. Also a guy called Jon Gillot wrote a parody of a song (Bad Habit) by The Offspring which he called 'Bad Rabbit'.
We'll put some music to this and record it in a couple of weeks.

I'm glad you appreciate the strange and lurid tale of Bad Rabbit. If you can bear it, I have another band 'The Cold Water Gang'. Their tale is equally unsettling. The site is at:

Even worse. we have our own mag-'Ethel Magazine' at:

All contributions gratefully received...

Best wishes Tommy, England, UK

- Tommy on 3/12/2001

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