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Actually I vote for "Bunny Bunny" (only twice) said last on the last day of the (month, year, century, whatever) and "Rabbit Rabbit" said the first thing the first day. That was the superstition I learned in the early seventies living in a farmhouse in Iowa with a bunch of other freaks

- Michael on 3/1/2001

You ever heard of the book Bunny Bunny, by Alan Zweibel? It's a memoir of his relationship with Gilda Radner. In an interview about the book, he says the following:

I couldn't figure out what to call it and I re-read the book and BUNNY BUNNY was a childhood sort of superstition that she had. I have since found out that many people have this, but what she used to do is the first day of every new month, like August 1st, September 1st, her superstition was that if she said the words BUNNY BUNNY as the first words out of her mouth on that day of each month, it would bring good luck and ward off all sorts of whatever evil or whatever harm could happen to you. It was a childhood superstition and one that she carried into adulthood and kept on doing even when I knew her. That scene somewhat reoccurs in the book and it seemed appropriate.

- Michael on 3/29/2001

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